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Wind turbine blades incorporate many variations and human error in both the design and the production processes.

Warranty support

It is essential to identify design and/ or production introduced defects in the blades that are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, to ensure they are corrected and also to provide positive feedback to the manufacturer for future improvements.

Pre-end of warranty inspection and report

  • Internal and External inspection to identify and categorize defects;
  • Report of observations and recommended actions.

Post warranty support

Is fundamental because the blades are no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Maintaining operational efficiency is essential to ensure the maximum longevity of the blade.

Biannial inspection:

  • external and internal Report of observations and recommended actions.

Defect Investigation

Is common because wind turbine blades are 'hand-made', resulting in variations and human error being incorporated in design and production. These lead to problems occurring during operation:

  • One-off and serial failure investigation
  • Adhesive bond failure, lightning damage
  • Structural cracks, noise, surface coating failure
  • Minor to major repairs
  • Root cause analysis
  • Design specification creation
  • Solution concept generation and development
  • Prototype construction, installation and testing
  • Task instruction development
  • Solution execution
  • Retrofit project management.


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