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Corrosion survey

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Historically the design and evaluation of metal culverts has been based primarily on initial capital cost, with little or no consideration being given to factors affecting long term durability. One result of this approach has been that at sites where the soil and/or water conditions were conducive to corrosion, premature failure of the galvanic coating occurred. This becomes a cause for concern when some form of mitigation, or rehabilitation is required to ensure that the culvert fulfills its design life expectation.

Splash Zone Protection

  • To determine visual status of current coating systems
  • To determine the current thickness of individual piles of the Jetty by means of ultrasonic testing

Cathodic Protection

  • Check current status of Cathodic protection
  • Measurements of protective potential by means of reference and voltage meter
  • Check on presence of bonding between piles

Internal Corrosion

  • A random check on a percentage of the piles on the internal corrosion status to determine if corrosion control by means of inhibitors is necessary and/or required

Pile Cap

  • To determine visual status of current Pile Cap



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